We facilitate workshops for children, young people and parents. This can be either on an individual basis or as a group.

What our service offers

Brighter Horizons 4U is an organisation that is passionate about addressing the needs of children, parents and schools    

One-to-one counselling

On a weekly basis clients will receive one to one counselling providing support to children on a regular basis.  A child can self refer or a referral can be made through school and parents.  Counsellors will tailor sessions so they meet with the development needs of each child.  Younger children will be encouraged to explore their feelings and emotions through the use of creative interventions.

Group Counselling & Support

Brighter Horizons 4U can offer support groups for children or parents at schools or within our organisation.  Group counselling is also available to children within school focusing on issues they are facing whilst growing up.         

Parent Counselling & Support

Brighter Horizons 4U is a counselling service for the whole family.  If emotional support is needed for parents or additional family members this can be provided through our organisation.    

Family Therapy 

In some situations family therapy will be beneficial to the whole family.  Arrangements can be made for therapy to be at home or within our organisation.  This will give the family an opportunity to explore issues that may be affecting the whole family causing a negative impact on their home environment. 

Staff Counselling & Support

Brighter Horizons 4U is a service which is available to the whole school.  We recognise teachers and support staff play a major role within the school community so it is important that our services are also available to staff.  We can provide counselling or offering staff support when working with childrenu with emotional issues.  This will help both the student and staff.  Staff will be offered strategies and tools that can benefit a child whilst attending school.

Training for children and families

We have developed a wide range of workshop focusing on the issues children and young people face whilst growing up in today’s society:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement 
  • Friendship
  • Low self esteem
  • Transition
  • Sex Exploitation

These workshops are designed to increase understanding of children’s and families emotional wellbeing, offering practical advice and focus on strategies and tools that can be used at home or in school. 

Professional Development Training

Individual or group training can be offered to schools or organisations, on an Inset Day or over a number of training days.  We tailor each workshop to the needs of each individual school or organisation.  Brighter Horizons 4U has developed these workshops to focus on issues children and young people face.