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Childs view of anxiety

This is a presentation from a 10-year-old boy who was referred to Karen for counselling through his school.  He felt very vulnerable leaving his parents each morning to attend school, he would start to panic then would become very angry and aggressive towards others.  He did not understand anxiety, how it was making him think and feel, all he knew was that he did not feel in control anymore.

This is his story…………….

What happened then …..

What is anxiety to me?

Anxiety is something to do with your emotions.  It makes you worry a lot and worry more than most other people; it may make a difference on your confidence.

What can happen when I’m anxious

My feelings can change in a split second as this is one, of many possibilities that comes with being anxious and they can include; anger, sadness, frustration and fear.  For me, all of the feelings can happen to me whether it is ‘solo’ or together.

Some thoughts can be that you can worry a lot and get over worried, to then be anxious.  I can start with worries but then end with anxiety.

Anxiety has changed me in the fact that I am a bit different, not entirely different but different.  I would be less confident doing things; sometimes I worry about things that could go wrong before they actually happen.  Before the anxiety started I won’t have worried.

Why I get anxious/angry

I could get very angry at my Dad, me and Mum etc.

This is because of my ‘revenge’ as they would force me into school, hurt me, even if they think they didn’t, at the wrists and at the arms.  I do think they were trying to help but it didn’t darn right feel like it.  I would get angry at home and then once in school I would take my revenge out there.  I would get anxiety about leaving my parents once in school so I would start to cling onto my parents because I didn’t want to leave them.  I would also worry that my parents would get hurt once they left me.

I no longer get anxious a lot now; I am no longer scared or angry when leaving Mum and Dad to come into school.  It can still feel upset at home but now that I know what they were trying to do, things are much smooooother.

What happens now………..

In School…………

My thoughts are different now as things/choices are given to me.

The first choice I have in the morning is if I want to go in the back door entrance to meet the S.E.N.C.O.

Or, if I want to, I would go in the normal entrance and meet S.E.N.C.O.

Sitting by myself was an option I took and, at least I would say, it helped me

A LOT.  It helped as I could concentrate more for my SATs.

I had also had a lot of help from teachers, family and Karen to give me tips on how to get into school in a formally manner. 

At home ………………

At home, now, I sometimes write in my part time diary to show someone how I felt on that day.  Now that my Mum and Dad are prepared to see what I can do, things are much smoooooother.

It is probably because they see Karen for tips.

Thanks to My Mum, Dad, S.E.N.C.O and Karen otherwise I wouldn’t be this good today.

Thank you for reading

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