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Counselling services to schools, colleges and children’s centres

Brighter Horizons 4U is an established organisation set up in 2008

offering emotional support to children, families and schools. Our organisation consists of a dedicated team who can offer a wide range of help through counselling, group work, advice and training workshops. All our team are fully qualified counsellors who are highly skilled in working with schools and families.

At Brighter Horizons 4U we understand that the support a person or organisation may need could vary dependant on their situation. As a result we tailor our support services through  the use of various therapeutic approach and creative interventions. We are here to offer emotional support through school, home or within our organisation because we tailor our services to meet needs of the person or school.



We believe that children today  often need support tackling issues such as bullying, self esteem, worries about stats, parental break-up as well as issues such as physical, mental and sexual abuse, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

At Brighter Horizons 4U we believe that everyone deserves the right to be listened to in a safe and non-judgmental environment. We treat all clients with respect and equality. We endeavour to facilitate the mental well being of our clients and to encourage them to grow and reach their full potential.

People may have limited access to counselling due to lack of awareness or financial restrictions. By this services being provided through a school setting can remove these restrictions allowing children and parents to access emotional support.

Working with parents

BH4U offers a confidential setting where children will have the opportunity to explore how they are feeling through the use of many different tools and strategies. However, at BH4U we also understand parents may want to meet with a member of the organisation before counselling begins.

Initially parents are invited to meet with a member of the team to discuss the various counselling models and strategies which are used within the sessions.

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Supporting schools

Schools offer pupils an an educational opportunity for personal development.

A counselling service will complement and support the aims set out within the National Curriculum Guidelines. As OFSTED have stated a good school is judged on the support available to students who are experiencing problems – not the lack of problems within schools.

Supporting children & families

We are a dedicated team who feel very passionate about helping others. We are impartial and we are here to support the whole family. We will offer advice and support to parents whilst giving their children the space and time to explore their issues.

We are here to help them explore their options focusing on changes they may feel need to be made which will help reduce any confusion they may be feeling. We believe by helping children and young people examine in details their behaviour or situation can help initiate change. This will arm children with life skills for when they are faced with future difficulties.


Chantels time at Impact has been very difficult both Physically and emotionally. It is through Linda’s care and persistent support, encouragement and understanding that Chantel is still in attendance today.

Chantel’s mum, Elaine

Linda has helped me so much it really means a lot, I have come so far in the last couple of months with all the help and support Linda has given me I feel I have someone to talk to that I can trust very well.

Chantel (aged 15)

I have recieved support from Brighter Horizons4u for the past 2 years and I have come on quite well. If it wasnt for Brighter Horizons4u my life would be down the drain by now and I cant thank them enough.

Becky (aged16)

I would just like to thank Liz for all your help and support with Sophie. I am so very grateful for all the kindness you have shown her. This has been reflected in her annual school report, I am so proud of her achievements, I believe this would not have been possible without your input. Thank you very much your work is very much appreciated by parents like myself. Julie


Brighter Horizons 4u has been a constant support for my daughter and myself, non judgemental, on the end of the phone and has even attended and supported us in appointments and events. They have definitely made a huge difference in our lives.

Chelsea’s mum, Liz